The Reality

We depend on livestock for our nutritional needs but do we feed them well?

Feed is scarce

India faces acute feed and fodder shortage; deficit amounting to over 40%

Plus the cost of feed inputs rose by 200% in past one decade

Productivity takes a hit

Due to high cost of feeds, animals remain underfed and hence malnourished

Production of milk, meat and eggs takes a hit and farmer remains poor

Resources are wasted

3 billion tons, one-third of the world's food production is wasted each year

We are losing food, essential proteins, oils etc. which could be brought back into the food value chain

Food security under threat

By 2050, agricultural systems will not be able to supply enough food for everyone

Feeding livestock would then be an added burden and at the mercy of humans


The agricultural systems will require to feed almost 9 billion people by the year 2050. With limited resources to spare, growing food for livestock will become an additional burden that we cannot manage. Since the feed raw material market is highly volatile and falls on the expensive side, there is a rising need to use alternate resources and develop cost-effective solutions to feed enormous livestock population. Parallely, seeing the high wastage of food and allied products, the Government too recognizes and emphasizes the need to utilize agro waste to create value as well as employment.

Krimanshi works on sustainable and unconventional feed systems to feed our animals by valorizing food residues and surplus into highly nutritious feeds.


Reinventing feeds for farm animals using food residue and surplus.





Krimanshi is a triple bottom line company having economical, social and environment impact.

Increased productivity

Upto 20% more milk in cattle

Richer farmers

Earning $30 extra monthly with quality produce

Better health

Farmers saving upto 70% expense on vet care

Easy on environment

Tonnes of poisonous emission saved from entering environment